My Analog Story / by Stella Lydaki

One year has passed since I have decided to bring my film camera with me on my travels. I

remember two years ago when I started carrying both cameras, analog and digital, on my

shoulders. “Just in case", I thought, from fear of missing out. At first, such equipment turned

out being heavy. Physically and mentally heavy. Sometimes the landscape was too dark.

Sometimes I missed the autofocus function. Sometimes I was fearing to run out of pictures in

the middle of the Sahara desert, on a mountain in Norway or on a small island in Greece. For

sure, it wasn't that fun at times. 

Eventually, I realised the benefits of having 36 (or less) pictures only: it made me more

mindful. Looking closely at the details of the world around. Capturing them through a click. Or

just admiring with my vision made me calmer and especially more grounded. After a while I

trained myself to hear the messages that my higher self wanted me to capture; I have learnt

through my studies in phototherapy that all the pictures are displaying so many symbols &

messages that is up to us to find and reveal them.