Pillow Project by Stella Lydaki

I can not sleep wihout hugging a pillow. When I go on a trip and there is only one pillow, I prefer to hug it than put it under my head.

So many different types of pillows. I like the soft ones The ones that you can change the shape with your strenght of your hands. I like them because when I get angry or when I feel a bad energy inside me, I like to scream as loud as possible till my voice hurts and after throw it on the bed and nobody knows. Only the pillow.

Sometimes I pretend that the pillow is the one I love, when he is far away, and it gives me comfort to know that I am hugging him the whole night.

But most of the times I like to hug the pillow because it separates my two arms when I sleep on the side.

"Sometimes I hug the pillow because I miss you, other times because I like."